When the Golden Race invited other races to join them in the stars, three sentient races answered their call. The Goldens called them the Bronze, Silver and Heroic Tribes. Just before the Gold Tribe left to travel to another Universe, a fourth race appeared, traveling to the stars on their own accomplishments. The Golds named the human race the Iron Tribe. During the passing of time, humanity suffers at the hands of the more dominant races and is now facing extinction. Following a prophecy left by the Gold Tribe, Princess Deianeira sets out to search for the powerful being who might be able to save humankind. She meets a wild haired boy on an abandoned planet – a fateful encounter that will not only change the fortunes of Humanity, but also the fate of the universe.

Series Name(s)
Heroic Age
Heroic Age
Airing Date
2007-04-02 - 2007-10-01
Show Status
Finished Airing
Number of Episodes
MyAnimeList Score
Episode # 26
Episode # 25
The Last Contract
Episode # 24
Episode # 23
The Four
Episode # 22
Deadly Contract
Episode # 21
Planet Kodomos
Episode # 20
The Nodos of Darkness
Episode # 19
Sortie in the System
Episode # 18
Victorious Day
Episode # 17
Retaliation Forces
Episode # 16
Exceeding the Rules
Episode # 15
When Light Falls
Episode # 14
Roughly Putting on Airs
Episode # 13
The Battle of Time
Episode # 12
The Engulfing of the Torch
Episode # 11
Shining Star
Episode # 10
Lonely Hero
Episode # 9
Episode # 8
Flashing Nodoss
Episode # 7
Episode # 6
Cemetery Belt
Episode # 5
Episode # 4
Planet Titarros
Episode # 3
Heroic Tribe
Episode # 2
Forgotten Child
Episode # 1
Star of Destruction