Shirahama Kenichi is an average student who has earned the nickname “Weak Legs” from always getting bullied. One day he meets a cute girl named Furinji Miu who helps him build the courage to begin training at a mysterious dojo where she lives. Here Kenichi faces intense training from masters of many different martial arts styles as he attempts to become stronger.

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Episode # 50
History's Strongest Disciple, Kenichi
Episode # 49
The Strongest Transformation! Rhythmn Ryouzanpaku!
Episode # 48
Summit Showdown! The Man Who Carries The Spear of Legend
Episode # 47
A Genius's Weakness! Effort can Surpass Talent!
Episode # 46
Farewell! a Determined Niijima Joins the Fray!
Episode # 45
The Decisive Attak! Kisara Dances!
Episode # 44
Collapse of the Shinpaku Federation! The Crazy Fist Stealthily Approaches!
Episode # 43
Limiter! Invitation to the World of Bloodshed!
Episode # 42
Elder's Super Express! Do-or-Die Secluded Tour in the Mountains!
Episode # 41
Terror of the Sphere of Control! A Dragon Descends!
Episode # 40
The Promised Land! Everything Starts from Here
Episode # 39
Shigure's Personal... Lesson!
Episode # 38
Cute Kitten! Hand-to-Hand Battle Among Women! Human bullet game of lovely kitten women!
Episode # 37
Dangerous temptation it is dense together!
Episode # 36
Miu vs. Renka! The Triangle that Calls up a Storm
Episode # 35
There is no nuisance! Now at the time of conclusion
Episode # 34
Without being defeated! The word to which the person whom it loves leaves
Episode # 33
Strike, Kenichi! Fists do the Talking!
Episode # 32
Honoka's in Danger! Loki's Plot!
Episode # 31
Honoka Will Help You!
Episode # 30
The Results of Training! The Effects of Moving Forward in Small Steps!
Episode # 29
"What Fear, Seig! Prelude for destruction"
Episode # 28
Here Comes the Shock Troop Commander! Battle Royal at the Restaurant!
Episode # 27
Hard vs. Soft! Once-in-a-Lifetime Quarrel between Brothers
Episode # 26
The Stripped Mask! Hermit's True Identity!
Episode # 25
Protect to the Death Kenichi! Miu's Lips
Episode # 24
The Captured Heart! Miu's Juliet!
Episode # 23
Assault! The Next Door Ryozanpaku!
Episode # 22
Gather, Young Men! The New Shinpaku Alliance!
Episode # 21
Unforgiveable!! Kenichi's fist of fury!
Episode # 20
Takeda in Danger! The Rules of Revenge!
Episode # 19
The Strongest of the Ragnarok! Here Come the Eight Greatest Fists!
Episode # 18
Amusement??? To the Secret Furinji Island!
Episode # 17
Protect the Name! Attack of the Dojo Challengers!
Episode # 16
Ryozanpaku Faces the Greatest Crisis?!
Episode # 15
Honoka Infiltrates Ryozanpaku!
Episode # 14
Dedicated Training! And a Nearby Hot Spring Bath!
Episode # 13
The Way of the Fight! The Rules of the Real Fight!
Episode # 12
A New Enemy! Tsuji Shinnosuke!
Episode # 11
The Fists of Betrayal! Takeda's Sorrowful Past!
Episode # 10
Go, Kenichi! A Boxer's Weakness!
Episode # 9
Apapapa! Apachai's Training
Episode # 8
Amazing Muscles! The Sensei`s Secret
Episode # 7
Hot Battle at the Gardening Club! A Return Match!
Episode # 6
A Day At Ryouzanpaku! The Rooftop Dream!
Episode # 5
A Date?! You'd Better Score!
Episode # 4
Fight to Survive! It's Whether You Do It or You Don't!
Episode # 3
Strength and Courage! For Protecting Justice
Episode # 2
The Beginning of the Fight!
Episode # 1
Ryozanpaku: Where the Powerful Gather!